Track Workouts​

Week of April 15-21


​​Middle and Long Distance

 Do complete warmup

Workout: Distance Runs--Mile/2 mile

Any 2 days over Vacation

Workout #1:

4x200--44-46--1-2 min recovery

1x800--2:58-3:06---5 min recovery

4x200--44-46---1-2 min recovery

Workout #2:

3 sets--4min race pace--(1000m)--5 mins btw each

1 day of a distance run-40-45 mins.

Workout: 400m/800m runners

(Any 2 Days Over Vacation)

Workout #1:

4x200m--42-45--1-2 min recover

4x400m--85-90---2-3 min recovery

4x200m--42-45--1-2 min recovery

​Workout #2:

4x200m--42-45--1-2 min recovery

3x600m--2:05-2:16--4 min recovery

4x200m--42-45---1-2 min recovery

1 day of a distance run-40-45 mins

Static ​Stretch/ Ice/ Roll-EVERYDAY!!!


​​Sprint/Hurdle Group:

Do complete warmup:  Jog 2 laps, drills, leg swings, dynamic flex

(Any 3 Days Over Vacation)

Workout  #1:

4x30m---4x50m---4x70m--All Out-Walk back recovery

could run telephone poles: 1=30m---2=50m---3=70m

dynamic flex; static stretch

Workout #2:

4x100m--All Out--- 4-5 mins btw. each 100

Dynamic Flex--Static stretch--Ice and Roll

Workout #3:

Front and Side Leg swings--12 each side

Squats--20 total

Split Lunges--12 each side

Mountain Climbers- 12 each leg

Bicycles--12 each leg

Push-ups-- 12


​Crunches-- 20

Donkey Kicks--12 each side

Fire Hydrants--12each side

Static Stretch/ Ice/Roll--EVERY DAY.